Why choose Open Arms Studio?


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You value high quality production

A key step in our production process is to develop a quality checklist for each piece with the designer, and then to check each product against the list before delivery. Since our staff has input on the projects we choose, we don’t agree to produce anything they don’t believe they can make well.

You value people

Refugees resettled to Austin, Texas, are making your products and by partnering with Open Arms, you are offering them the dignity of making a wage that can support their families.

You value safety

Our staff is comprised of adults working of their own free will who are given ample working space in a naturally-lit studio complying with US safety laws and standards for physical labor including ergonomic chairs and regular breaks.

You value the community

Choosing to work with Open Arms means that you are supporting the local economy and encouraging a sustainable resurgence of made-in-the-US textile manufacturing.

When we updated our marketing materials to include a statement about how our products support refugees, we had an immediate jump in sales. Our customers can contribute on a local level to a global crisis - while still purchasing goods made in the USA.
— Laura Davis of Newton Supply Company


Our Practices

We pay a fair wage for full-time work.

Our staff is paid hourly, not per piece produced. We make room for the errors necessary for growth as our trainees and apprentices improve, allowing for a comfortable but efficient environment and a predictable, sustainable income for families.

We are family-friendly.

We work with individual staff members to accommodate their schedules around childcare, language classes and transportation availability so working at Open Arms is good for the whole family. We offer paid time off and a health care reimbursement plan.

We follow fair trade standards for sustainability & worker participation.

We participate in sustainable practices and support several partners with zero-waste initiatives.

We seek worker participation through democratic process in studio decision-making such as choosing projects, taking holidays and the daily schedule.

Our Industrial Machinery

  • Single-needle lockstitch

  • Overlock Sergers

  • Coverstitch

  • Walking Foot

  • Pearl Stitch

  • Zig-Zag

  • 12- Foot Cutting Table

  • Industrial Rotary Cutter and Knives

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