Production Sample Checklist

Please provide the following for each product you would like to manufacture:

  • Tested Pattern

  • Complete Tech Pack - this should include a full list of step-by-step instructions for sewing

  • Completed and Tested Sample - used for comparison during costing

  • Fabric - needs to be the exact production fabric or similar weight- enough for 3 samples

  • Notions - if your item has zippers, trim, buttons, etc- enough for 3 samples

  • Tags - if you have any sewn in tags or hang tags- enough for 3 samples

  • Thread - if you want a specific color, if not we will use our in-house thread

  • Needles - if your fabric requires any special needles for sewing (silk, denim, vinyl, loose woven, etc). You will receive theses back after costing.

  • Tools - if your product needs any special tools please share these with us during the costing process. You will receive these back after costing.

  • Quality Control List for our production team to check (A typed reference sheet you’d like us to especially check for on your product)

  • Signed Costing Sample Agreement and $150 per design paid at time of agreement

This production planning process starts at $150 per product (due upfront).  If the pre-production process goes over 3 hours, the remainder of time will be billed at $50/hour.

We will make three samples: a practice sample, one for us to keep as an example and one for you to receive for review.

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Use this checklist to know when you’re ready for us to begin your costing sample.