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Open Arms Studio is a made-in-the-US cut-and-sew production studio specializing in home goods, accessories and clothing basics. 


Who are we?

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A Nonprofit with a Social Mission

In addition to our business’s success, we care about the planet and the people on it. We were founded to create livelihood opportunities for refugees resettled in Austin, Texas, and answer to the triple bottom lines of people, planet and profit.

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Made-in-the-US Textile Manufacturing

By operating a textile manufacturing studio in the US, we are committed to paying workers a fair wage and abiding by national environmental and safety requirements, in contrast to overseas factories producing most of the textiles consumed in the US. Being based in Austin, Texas, also helps with face-to-face meetings, getting to know your producers and minimizing shipping costs and the related environmental impact of long-distance shipping.

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A Women-Driven Social Enterprise

We care about families and know how much it takes to make one work. It is important to us to make decisions that allow our staff to fit their jobs in with their family commitments, rather than choose one over the other.


Open Arms is a nonprofit social enterprise of the Multicultural Refugee Coalition.

Our mission is to provide sewing training and living wage work for refugees creating high-quality soft goods for private-label designers.


What do we do?

Open Arms Studio is a textile manufacturer offering advanced sewing training and employing refugees in Austin, Texas, at a fair-wage. We offer like-minded socially and environmentally conscious brands the opportunity to make Open Arms part of their story. By becoming a partner, companies not only add the value of local US-made manufacturing to their brand, but also simultaneously help support refugees through safe, dignified employment. Open Arms manufacturing practices ensure a top-quality product through a highly-skilled production team.